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Our Offerings

  • Repairing of Power Distribution Transformer
  • On site Transformer testing
  • Oil filtration
  • On site Transformer Oil filtration
  • Rewinding / Recoiling & Re-assembling
  • Erection, Installation, repairing, and commissioning of Transformer
  • Spare coil replacement
  • Oil leakage arresting
  • OLTC Repair and Overhauling
  • Gasket changing, Transformer spares changing
  • Operations & maintenance contract/AMC for LT/HT panels, synchronization panels, AMF panels Transformers & Package sub station (CSS).
  • Shutdown and breakdown maintenance with emergency support.
  • Fault Diagnose Management.
  • Installation, testing, commissioning of Power plant, HT/LT panels, sync. Panel, Bus Duct, APFC, ATS Panel, Transformers & Package sub station.


When it comes to ensuring the seamless functioning of electrical equipment, timely and effective repairs are essential. Zeron Electricals boasts a highly skilled team of technicians and engineers who specialize in repairing Power & Distribution Transformers, LT Panels, and HT Panels. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and follow industry-best practices to identify and resolve issues efficiently, reducing downtime and minimizing production losses for our valued clients.


electricity transformers are electrical equipment that are stationary and are used to convert electricity between circuits without altering frequency. This defines a transformer in very simple terms. A transformer is a static device since it lacks any moving or spinning parts. Transformers run off of an AC power source. Mutual induction is the basis for how a transformer functions. Being the pioneer in power transformer distribution in Nigeria, Zeron Electricals is aware of the best practises for keeping power transformers in good condition and extending their usable lives for their owners.

Service Provider

We take great pride in being a comprehensive service provider, catering to the diverse needs of our clientele. Our service offerings include installation, maintenance, and commissioning support for all our products. Additionally, our team of experienced professionals is always available to provide prompt and efficient customer support, ensuring that our clients experience minimal disruptions to their operations.

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